Transgender in India Seeking Political Inclusion and Attitude of people towards It

[Speaker] Jain, Akshay:1
1:Dr. Harisingh Gour University Sagar (India)

Representation and participation of a deprive section consolidate its status in society. Transgender called Hijra (third gender) in India has some unique characteristics in this subcontinent, is a long deprived section in all spheres. It performs several religious and cultural rituals in India hence the attitude of people towards transgender is less harsh than LGBT in general. Recently a transgender mayor was elected in a city of India without the support of any political party but with enormous support of the people. This paper presents the case study of the mayor and studies the voting behaviour of the people. The paper further discusses two things comparatively - how the attitude of people towards transgender changes if they get place in political system and what positive actions may be taken by the political system to secure the representation and participation of transgender in politics, education and public jobs in recent future.
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