Modelling Energy Behaviour: an Application of the Comprehensive Action Determination Model.

[Speaker] Van Den Broek, Karlijn L:1
[Co-author] Walker, Ian:1
1:University of Bath (United Kingdom)

A wealth of different models have been applied to energy consumption and energy savings, yet only few have considered the habitual nature of energy behaviour. The Comprehensive Action Determination Model (CADM) is one of the first models within the domain of Environmental Psychology which combines traditional approaches with habitual factors to predict environmental behaviour, yet this model has never been applied to energy behaviour. An online questionnaire was conducted (N=247) including items measuring all the CADM variables in relation to energy use. Structural equation modelling was applied and a good model fit was found. The model could account for 67% of variation in energy use and therefore successfully predicted energy behaviour. In contrast, classical models such as the Theory of Behaviour, Norm Activation Model could only account for 32% and 35% of variance in energy behaviour. These results therefore show the value of the CADM in explaining environmental behaviours.
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