The Higher Functions of the Psyche

[Speaker] Dadayev, Shukran M:1
1:Baku State University (Azerbaijan)

It is known that, in America and some of the European countries, the Psyche is accepted as the Soul, Mind and even Consciousness; therefore, the Psyche is used as the "Soul" and "Mind" in the dictionary of Psychological terms. Despite of the fact that, this view is not accepted in the study of the Psyche and in this scientific work, the Psyche, Soul, Mind and Consciousness are accepted and studied as separate organs and existence forms.

Besides this, the processes such as the mind, consciousness, thinking are accepted and studied as the "psychical and spiritual states" in the modern science of Psychology. In the study of the Psyche, the processes such the Mind, Consciousness and Thinking are accepted and studied as the "Higher functions of the Psyche", not as the "psychical states"

So, the Mind, Cognition, Consciousness, Speech, Memory, Thinking, Imagination and Perception are the higher functions of the Psyche.
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