[Speaker] Retnosari, Anita D:1
[Co-author] Mafazi, Naufal:1, Muti'ah, Zakiya:1, Pari, Razaf:1, Nuqul, Fathul L:1
1:Islamic State University of Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang (Indonesia)

The Government's efforts to increase food sustainability in the last three years will have a big obstacle on low regeneration of farmers. This is evident, BPS released the results of the agricultural census decreased household of 31.17 million farmer households in 2003 to 26.13 million households by 2013.In psychological scientific vision, psychology can contribute to solving this problem. The concept of Psychology holds that the pests not only in animals and plants but from behavioral and cognitive human. Social Learning Theory of Albert Bandura, can predict the social support and observational learning can affect expectations and behaviors. In the context of this observational research do children on farming activities of parents and parental persuasion will affect the desires and expectations of the children and heirs to continue work as a farmer. This research uses a paradigm of mixed method, data retrieval method using a scale,in-depth interviews and observations
Keywords:Farmers,Sustainability,Self Efficacy
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