Remembering home: The case of Zimbabweans in South Africa.

[Speaker] Katsidzira, Audrey:1
1:Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital (South Africa(Republic of South Africa))

Remembering home' is a relatable phenomenon because 'remembering' is an inherently human process. Through the use of Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis this study seeks to understand the lived experience of 'remembering home' in the case of Zimbabweans who now live in South Africa. A central question is on the meaning that is attached to the notion of 'remembering home' and how this influences identity formation and consolidation. Three cases will be analysed after conducting semi-structured interviews. This exploratory study is useful in cross-cultural psychology as it focuses on lived experience from intrapersonal and interpersonal perspectives of the Zimbabweans in South Africa, an intercultural and dynamic environment. Ultimately this study makes a contribution to literature in the area of cross-cultural psychology and the Zimbabwean diaspora. Finally, it lays a foundation for further research by the researcher in the areas of lived experience, identity and the environment and encourages meaningful discourse along
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