Everyday discrimination faced by Muslim women wearing and not wearing hijab and Caucasian women

[Speaker] Shah, Syed Ashiq Ali:1
1:Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surrey, BC. Canada (Canada)

This study measured perceptions of everyday discrimination of Muslim women wearing and not wearing hijab and Caucasian women. The subjects were recruited at the Kwantlen University and from the Surrey community. A 21-item questionnaire measuring everyday life discrimination was developed and used. The questions included discriminatory treatment in everyday life by others, threats and assaults and relationships with peers and at work. The one way between subjects ANOVA on the total discrimination scores of three groups of subjects was not significant. However, differences in the perceptions of discrimination were found on some items of the scale. ANOVAs on the discrimination scores of women on items 9 and 13 indicated that Caucasian women significantly differ in their experience of being threatened or harassed from Muslim women who wear hijab; and Caucasian women reported more favourable relationship and interactions with their peers compared to Muslim women who do not wear the hijab.
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