The Development and Initial Validation of the Internet Violence Behavior Scale

[Speaker] Li, Xiaojie:1
1:Rm.1215-3,Psychology Dep,Peking University (China (People's Republic of China))

As an extension of the violence in the network society, Internet Violence Behavior (IVB) refers to the violent behavior of users on the internet. With the prevalence of online social media, IVB is becoming an emerging phenomenon. The current study was conducted with the goal of developing a valid and reliable new measure of the IVB. Results based on 288 individuals showed that the IVB was negatively correlated with general mental health and the agreeableness of Big Five, but positively correlated with life satisfaction. Additionally, results showed the acceptable internal reliability and good criterion-related validity of IVB scale. We also discuss the theoretical and practical implications for future research regarding the internet violence behavior.
Keywords: internet violence behavior, psychological test, aggression behavior, general mental health
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