July 29, 2016 08:30 - 10:00

Stereotype Based Faultlines: The Effects of A Stereotypically Consistent Composition of Groups on Intergroup Relations

[Speaker] Stanciu, Adrian:1
1:BIGSSS (Germany)

Diversity is defined by social traits of people, such as gender, and their information traits, such as work-related skills. Alignment of individuals on more than one social/information trait (faultlines) can disrupt intergroup relations. However, it is unclear whether this holds also for faultines based on mixed social-information traits. The presentation provides an account of literature that has theorized such a diversity faultine, and indicates empirical evidence confirming the hypothesis that a stereotype based faultine is associated with derogation of dissimilar others. The results of an experiment show that a faultine that is stereotypically consistent (i.e. men with stereotypical men skills) is associated with highest level of derogation. Furthermore, this association is moderated by task stereotypicality and need for cognition. The presentation concludes that in stereotypically consistent gender-skills groups, tasks that activate gender stereotypes impede intergroup relations; however, this is especially the case for members with low need for cognition.
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