What is inspiration? : the perception of Thai univestiy students after watching inspirational movies

[Speaker] Peungposop, Narisara:1
[Co-author] Yoelao, Dusadee:1, Langka, Wilailuck:1, Pimthong, Saran:1
1:Srinakharinwirot University (Thailand)

The objective was to describe the meaning of inspiration as experienced by the students after watching the movies. The research design was qualitative methods. Data was collected from 40 students selected from criteria. Structured interview guidelines with open-ended questions were used, which was then analyzed using grounded theory coding procedure.
The results revealed the impact of watching inspirational movies on state inspiration. The participants described state inspiration as a force towards goal, force inside oneself, and force from love of others. The force towards goal was described as an infusion of some ideas that suggest some feeling to create moving forward to the goal. The force inside oneself was described as a feeling of understanding meaning of life, hope, and not admit defeat. The force from love of others was described as feeling energized from love of others.
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