Adjusting to the new culture and be accepted by new colleagues - a qualitative study on organizational change.

[Speaker] Rodrigues De Miranda, Onofre:1
[Co-author] Makoto Sasaki, Rubens:2
1:University of Brasilia / Business School Projeção (Brazil), 2:University of Brasilia (Brazil)

The change on organizational context is defined as a modification, planned or not, related to different variables on organizations, such as worker resistance against this change. The present study investigated the employees´ perceptions of the organizational change, using qualitative research to evaluate difficulties, facilitate factors, practices, leadership, and the main changes through the organizational change process. Five workers from a financial organization were interviewed and the results showed many difficulties, despite of the success of the change process, with most of them being related to worker resistance due to lack of information and training courses, difficulties to operating new systems and lack of leadership to drive the process forward. Regarding the future studies, we would suggest the use of quantitative methods and surveys, including managers as participants, in order to make the research on the matter rich in content and complete as a whole.
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