Holocaust trauma and transgender identity in the life history of a European Jew

[Speaker] Ritter, Andrea:1,2,3
1:Hungarian Psychological Association (Hungary), 2:APA International Network on LGBTI Issues in Psychology (United States of America), 3:Jewish Theological Seminary-University of Jewish Studies (Hungary)

Psychological effects of personal and historical traumas are key issues in psychology today. World War II and the persecution of Jews have made it inevitable to deal with the psychological aspects of traumas and the therapeutic opportunities of trauma elaboration. Theoretical and practical considerations of LGBT issues have also tremendously changed over the last half-century from pathologic diagnoses to the affirmative approach.
The lecture aims to compare two independent fields scrutinizing the life of a Hungarian Jewish transgender person. It follows how the serious traumas suffered in Europe are followed by an accomplished adult life in America, and undertaking the MtF transgender identity in Hungary later on. Do collective traumas cause physical changes making the body a place preserving trauma memories? Is the individual tragedy in connection with transgender identity? The lecture will look at the individual patterns and collective schemes and draw conclusions concerning the nature of traumas.
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