Minority Stress in LGBTQI community in India: Role of Social Marginalization, Criminalization and lack of Social Support

[Speaker] Satpathy, Maheswar:1
1:Centre for Advanced Studies in Psychology, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar India (India)

Background: Sexual minorities in India have increasingly met antagonistic threats,violation of their basic human rights and large-scale oppression by the mainstream.
Objective: study impact of social marginalization,criminalization of sexual and/or social identity on the minority stress and its associated effects like alienation,psychological distress,poor social adjustment in GBTQ groups.
Method: 20 GBTQ (18-40 years) were interviewed on experiences of social ostracization,disenfrachzing and their feelings about criminalization of sexual identity.
Results: Data Analysis using grounded theory and generic coding showed themes of a lifeworld filled with profuse psychological distress, minority stress(sexual stigma,internalized homophobia,etc),poor physical and psychological health and occupational maladjustment.A deflated self-esteem is often resulted due to both legal void and social rejection. Social and sexual stigma alongwith no visible social support leads to minority stress running cyclically.
Discussion:Minority stress has increased over the years affecting the health and wellbeing of the community and hence policy makers need to address the same.
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