Recommendations for Overcoming Challenges in Implementing Group Care Interventions in International Low Resource Communities: Lessons Learned from Haiti

[Speaker] Abrams, Jasmine A:1
1:University of Maryland, Baltimore County (United States of America)

Being a poor pregnant woman in Haiti can be a death sentence; it is for many. With the highest rates of maternal and infant mortality in the Western Hemisphere, there is a need for vast implementation of evidence-based strategies targeted at improving birth outcomes. One such strategy is group prenatal care, a cost-effective model associated with improved maternal/infant health outcomes, that combines antenatal clinical assessment with pregnancy education and community building. Despite the global effectiveness of this model, implementing it in low resource settings can be challenging. The purpose of this paper is to provide recommendations for overcoming challenges of implementing group prenatal care in low resource communities globally. Challenges addressed include: Language Barriers, Low Literacy, Developing Culturally Appropriate Content/Practices,and Politics of Race and Class. Using examples from work in Haiti, this information will assist practitioners with overcoming challenges of implementing models of group care in low resource communities globally.
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