Cognitive impairment in neurodegenerative dementias at MCI stage

[Speaker] Ikeda, Manabu:1
[Co-author] Hashimoto, Mamoru:1, Matsushita, Masateru:1, Miyagawa, Yusuke:1, Ijichi, Daisuke:1, Ueno, Yukiko:1, Iwata, Naohiro:1
1:Department of Neuropsychiatry, Faculty of Life Sciences, Kumamoto University (Japan)

Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is viewed as a transitional stage from normal elderly to dementia. MCI has been identified as an at-risk condition, with an annual conversion rate to dementia of 10% to 20%. As the recent remarkable progress in neuroimaging, some patients with Alzheimer's disease and Lewy body disease are able to be diagnosed at MCI stage. MCI represents neuropsychological test performance below age-, sex, and education-adjusted normal ranges. In this talk, we discuss the pattern of cognitive impairment in these representative neurodegenerative dementias at MCI stage.
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