July 25, 2016 16:30 - 18:00

The regulation effect: reappraisal and empathic accuracy

[Speaker] Naor, Navot:1
[Co-author] Shamay- Tsoory, Simone G:1, Sheppes, Gal:2, Okon- Singer, Hadas:1
1:University of Haifa (Israel), 2:Tel Aviv University (Israel)

Empathy, represents an ability that allows for the creation and cultivation of social bonds. Hitherto, most scientific attention directed towards the study of empathy has examined the empathic process and its benefits, neglecting both the study of empathic accuracy and the possible biases that affect it. As part of the empathic process individuals look to themselves and their own emotions, this tendency makes empathy vulnerable to the effects of emotion regulation. Yet, the regulation processes that influence empathy, specifically empathic accuracy, have yet to receive sufficient research attention. Thus, we first aim to examine the way in which empathy to pain may effect levels of empathic accuracy by inducing a negative bias, a bias who would result in an inaccurate judgment of other's pain intensity. Second, we seek to examine the ways in which emotion regulation may mitigate this bias, so that the use of reappraisal would illuminate it completely.
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