Contributed Symposium

Wisdom That Led to Significant Learning Experience: A Process Perspective

[Speaker] Yang, Shih-ying:1
1:National Chi Nan University, Taiwan (Taiwan)

Researchers have found that learning from life experiences can foster wisdom. Is there more to the relation between wisdom and life learning? Defining wisdom as a process, this study gave three open-ended questionnaires exploring participants' significant learning experiences, displays of wisdom, and possible relations between wisdom and significant learning experience to 475 Taiwanese in sequence. Based on the high ratings given to their responses to questions about wisdom and the relation between wisdom and life learning, 377 respondents were chosen as the research sample. Participants' responses fell into five categories. The results showed that 67 (17%) participants' displays of wisdom led to their most significant life learning; there were also other relations between wisdom and learning (i.e., learning led to wisdom, wisdom as a part of learning, wisdom as a part of learning, and no relation). This presentation discusses displays of wisdom that led to participants' most significant learning experiences.
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