The impact of migration on parenting challenges and cultural identity development

[Speaker] Mcgrath, Breeda:1
1:The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (United States of America)

The most common issues arising in parenting relationships happen in the context of change: child development, change in employment, immigration, and acculturation. While some of these changes may be anticipated and leveraged, that is not always the case, especially for women who may have limited decision-making power in the situation. As migration across the world increases, the occurrence of multicultural relationships is rising. According to Bornstein and Bohr (2011), parents and children are faced with questions about how to balance diverse value systems, develop new identities, ensure adequate access to education, and make choices with very limited information. Are the most challenging issues in bicultural parenting religious, ethnic, social, economic, educational, or language-based? This discussion will explore the challenges tackled in bicultural families, with a particular focus on the social-ecological framework of Latino cultures, and the impact of migration on parenting.
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