Understanding the world of bicultural parenting

[Speaker] Nakamura, Mayumi:1
1:Private Practice (United States of America)

One of the hardest jobs can be "parenting", but many parents have not received any substantial training. Moreover, raising bicultural children who are a part of two (or more) cultures can add extra pressure and complexity. According to Farver, Bhadha, & Narang (2002), southwest children who are able to adapt with their bicultural identity both the Indian and the mainstream society of America, experience less confusion, isolation, and alienation in school and in life. The research also noted the children become more self-confident and perform better in schools than children who reject one of their cultures. The bicultural parenting or hybrid parenting is a relatively new concept and has been conducted a few qualitative and quantitative research. This presenter will address the issues and difficulties to what it means to live in-between two different worlds and factors affecting parent-child relationships in a foreign context.
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