Belief in a just world and Hwa-Byung (Korean culture bound syndrome)

[Speaker] Kim, Eunha:1
1:Ajou University (Korea(Republic of Korea))

During this presentation, I will present the findings of two research projects that examined the factors associated with Hwa-Byung (HB) among Korean women. HB is a Korean culture-bound syndrome and is considered as "fire or anger illness" (Park, Kim, Kang, & Kim, 2001). The first research project examined the mediating role of Belief in a Just world (BJW) in the link between life stress and HB as well as locus of control as a moderator. The second research project investigated the mediating role of BJW in the relationship between perceived discrimination and HB among mothers of children with developmental disabilities. Similar to the first project, I tested the moderating effect of locus of control. During this presentation, I will discuss these projects and implications for therapy with HB, especially how cognitive therapy will benefit Korean women experiencing HB symptoms.
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