Global Mental Health: Approaches to Latino Mental Health and Haitian Mental Health

[Speaker] Bloom, Jill:1
1:William James College (United States of America)

Global Mental Health studies address the disparities in mental health around the globe. Central to improving disparities is an awareness of the dangers of applying Western categories, concepts, and interventions in other cultures since illness experiences are shaped by culture. Interventions not locally relevant and culturally consonant result in negative effects, including inappropriate diagnoses, interventions, increased stigma, and poor health outcomes. The mission, curriculum and clinical training programs in global mental health at William James College's (WJC) Center for Multicultural and Global Mental Health will be described. The Latino Mental Health Program and The Haitian Mental Health Program at WJC incorporate academics, field training, research as well as cultural immersion and community service in Costa Rica, Equator, Guatemala and Haiti, with the goal of promoting social justice and addressing the mental health disparities among disenfranchised populations in the U.S. and abroad.
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