Teacher Knowledge of LGBT Issues and Student Bullying of LGBT Classmates in Japan: Report of Incidence and Community Based Programs to Address Identified Problems. (Community)

[Speaker] Kasai, Makiko:1
1:Naruto University of Education (Japan)

Japanese culture and religions don't have a history of hostility towards LGBT people and historically Japan has not been homophobic. However, since Meiji times (1860s) western ideas have made the M-F family model a norm in Japan despite government support for tolerance. Japan's ministry for culture (MEXT) eliminated homosexuality from the official list of sexual delinquencies in countrywide teachers' manuals, however data from an internet survey showed that discrimination based on sexual orientation continues to exist and 84% of students have heard LGBT-related jokes and teasing in school and 65% experienced LGBT-related bullying. Also teachers in a small town report that they hadn't met any LGBT students and didn't have information about LGBT issues. Effectiveness of a teacher education program designed to educate school personnel about LGBT issues will be presented as well as information about a community-based organization to support LGBT youth and uniqueness of a small town approach.
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