Haitian Children's Resileince and Vulnerability Assessed with House-Tree-Person (HTP) Drawings

[Speaker] Roysircar-sodowsky, Gargi:1
1:Antioch University New England (United States of America)

House, Tree, and Person (HTP) drawings by children (N = 131; age range 4-15) in Haiti were studied to assess for resilience and vulnerability post-earthquake. Resilience of children is conceptualized from cultural and systemic perspectives, while Vulnerability is seen to be evoked in the contexts of continuous trauma. Resilience (RES) and Vulnerability (VUL) items were scored as present or not present (1 or 0) in the sample's drawings. Raters' scorings showed moderate inter-rater reliability and Cronbach's alphas. RES correlated negatively and VUL correlated positively with a Creole-translated self-report measure of trauma symptoms. A multivariate regression analysis for RES and VUL showed differences by age, sex, and time for participant locations. Over 50% of children had significantly different scores on RES and VUL, suggesting differential individual profiles. The study examines over time the applicability and scope of the nonverbal HTP to assess for mental health in a non-English speaking disaster setting.
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