The Intra-generational Differences of Cultural Adaption of Eco-migrants in the West Arid Zones of China

[Speaker] Ding, Feng-qin:1
[Co-author] Cui, Miao:1, Zen, Xiang-lan:1, Yong, Shao-hong:1
1:Ningxia University (China (People's Republic of China))

Cultural adaptation is the inevitable product of the implementation of eco-migration project, including dual process of cultural and psychological change, having generational difference. This paper compared the intra-generational differences of the cultural adaptation of the older and the younger eco-migrants who were from the west arid zones of China, and took psychological adaptation as outcome variables, analyzed the intra-generational differences in the influential factors of the eco-migrants' psychological adaptation. The results showed that the younger eco-migrants hold more positive attitudes than the older eco-migrants, and cultural integration, socio-cultural adaptation and psychological adaptation were stronger, further regression analysis showed that the migrants' attitudes, cultural integration and socio-cultural adaptation dominantly influenced intra-generational differences between psychological adaptation of the elder and the younger eco-migrants. We should performed the targeted education for the older and the younger generation eco-migrants and speedup eco-migrants' social adaptation.
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