Mindfulness in Motion: Effects of a novel mindfulness/exercise method, IntenSati, on improving well-being

[Speaker] Fu, Ching Man:1
[Co-author] Chio, Floria Hin Ngan:1, Mak, Winnie Wing Sze:1, Dobkins, Karen R:2
1:The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong), 2:University of California, San Diego (United States of America)

With mindfulness gaining popularity as a way to improve well-being, we have been focusing on novel approaches to expand its formats and modalities. As such, we studied the effectiveness of a novel exercise method called "IntenSati", originated in New York City by Patricia Moreno, which is a high-intensity aerobic workout with positive affirmations grounded in mindfulness principles. Participants were randomly assigned to either a one-hour IntenSati session or a documentary-watching session. Using several different standardized measures, our findings show that one session of IntenSati increased participants' level of positive moods and reduced level of negative moods, enhanced psychological well-being (i.e., self-acceptance, environmental mastery, and positive relations with others), and increased feelings of hope. Remarkably, the effects of IntenSati on moods and mental well-being were maintained at five-month follow up. These findings indicate the plausibility and effectiveness of a novel approach in delivering mindfulness-based intervention with the combination of physical exercise.
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