Correlational study of stressful life experiences, interpersonal trust, and loneliness among Chinese college students

[Speaker] Sun, Xiaojie:1
[Co-author] Liu*, Xiaopeng:1
1:Dongbei university of Finance and Economics (China (People's Republic of China))

The current study investigated the correlations among interpersonal trust, stressful life experiences, and loneliness with Chinese college students. 233 participants from a university in Dalian, China, answered three questionnaires: "Trust Scale" , "UCLA Loneliness Scale" , and "Adolescence Self-Rating Life Experience Checklist, ASLEC" . Analysis of correlation and regression showed that loneliness positively correlated with stressful life experiences whereas loneliness inversely correlated with interpersonal trust. More specifically, it is found that the interpersonal stress, the learning stress in stressful life experiences (ASLEC), and faith in trust significantly predicted the participants' loneliness. Moreover, the result indicated that faith (in Trust Scale) had mediating effect between interpersonal stress (in ASLEC) and loneliness. This means that students' trust in the reliability of their friends played an important role in coping with stressful experiences, and thus leading to a reduction of level of loneliness.
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