Comparison of Japan and Korea on the Supportive Functions of Child-Rearing Network : Focusing on the Psychological Distances between Mothers and Child-Rearing Network Members

[Speaker] Kim, Yeonkyeong:1
1:Kagoshima University (Japan)

The purpose of this study was to investigate the cultural differences about the effect of the psychological distances between mothers and the members of child-rearing network have on the instrumental and emotional supports for child-rearing. The results of a survey on 285 Japanese and 185 Korean mothers identified : 1) a significant difference between the two cultural groups concerning the psychological distances with "mothers at kindergarten (nursery school)" and "relatives". 2) Among Japanese mothers, the instrumental support was connected to the psychological distances in all members of the child-rearing network, whereas the emotional support was connected to psychological distances except for "husband" and "kindergarten (nursery school) teacher". 3) Among Korean mothers, on the other hand, the psychological distances were found to be connected to both instrumental and emotional supports except for "husband", "husband's parents", and "kindergarten (nursery school) teacher".
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