Using Implicit Association Test (IAT) as a tool to measure Affinity towards Diversity (ATD)

[Speaker] Corral, Victor O:1
[Co-author] Corral, Victor:1, Fujii, Satoshi:2, Tapia, Cesar:1, Fraijo, Blanca:1
1:University of Sonora (Mexico), 2:Kyoto University (Japan)

ATD is a tendency to prefer diversity and variations in bio-physical and socio-cultural living scenarios. This study was aimed at assessing reaction time through an implicit association test that measures affinity towards diversity. One more goal of the study implied estimating the interrelation among ATD assessed via the IAT, the self-reported ATD, positive emotions and self-reported sustainable behavior (SB). Eighty-three students were recruited at a university in a Mexican northern city to respond to the IAT and a sustainable behavior scale, via computer (keyboard, mouse and monitor). Univariate statistics, reliability analyses, and structural equation modeling were used to analyze the data. Results showed that the correlation between ATD assessed through IAT and the self-reported ATD is weak (r= .18), yet significant. A strong association between ATD and positive emotions resulted. Although the ATD measured with IAT correlates with sustainable behavior, the correlation of SB with the self-reported ATD resulted higher.
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