Choosing restorative environment: The influence of stressor and personality

[Speaker] Hata, Tomoko:1
1:Bunkyo Gakuin University (Japan)

The purpose of this study was to explore the influence people's stressors and personality traits have on their choice of restorative environment. The answers from 533 mothers with elementary school-aged children were analyzed. The stressors were grouped into 8 main categories (child-rearing, sickness, work, household finance, partner, family problems) using the KJ method. Restorative environments were categorized into first (home), second (work place) and third place. The contribution of personality traits on restorative environment (home or third place) was analyzed using the logistic regression analysis for each stressor group. We also included the participants' feelings toward their community (measured using the Community Consciousness Scale), years of residence and number of children as the independent variables. The results showed that when the stressors were either child-rearing, work or family problems, the extroversion of the participants significantly increased the odds of their restorative environment to be a third place in their community.
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