Recognition by local government officials about problems with pet feces and efforts to solve them in Japan

[Speaker] Koda, Naoko:1
1:Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (Japan)

Pet animals contribute to human well-being. At the same time, manners of pet keepers are essential. Feces of dogs and cats are frequently pointed out as pet-related nuisances. In Japan, local governments have made various efforts to solve the problems regarding leaving pet feces, but they do not always succeed. This study involved a questionnaire survey of the efforts to solve the problems of leaving pet feces performed by local governments and the perceived effects by officials. Most local governments had problems related to the feces of dogs and cats, and the officials felt a mental burden. Many local governments supported public education through newsletters, websites and posters to prevent leaving pet feces, but the officials perceived the effects as unclear, irrespective of whether or not the relevant regulations were. Improved practice is necessary, such as effective public education, promoting community participation, and the development of guidelines for administration.
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