After School Hours of Current Junior High School Students and High School Students in Japan

[Speaker] Hasumi, Motoko:1
[Co-author] Kitahara, Yasuko:1, Kawashima, Kentaro:2, Sato, Tetsuyasu:1, Ikoma, Shinobu:1
1:Kawamuragakuen Woman's University (Japan), 2:Tokaigakuin University (Japan)

This study describes after school hours of current junior high school students and high school students in Japan. The main purpose of this study is to develop the reliable and valid questionnaire that is designed for students to allow them to evaluate their after school time by themselves. Findings were based on the answers of 200 junior high school students (the answers were provided by a parent) and 200 high school students. According to the survey in early 2015, key findings included: there were five categories of after school activities: the high frequent activity was spending their leisure time, and there was a significant correlation with study hours and their academic outcome of high school students. To guarantee the variable after school hours for junior high school students and high school students, we need more discussion.
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