Six-dimensional life begins after school: research for organizing after-school activities in Japanese undergraduates

[Speaker] Ikoma, Shinobu:1
[Co-author] Hasumi, Motoko:1, Kitahara, Yasuko:1, Kawashima, Kentaro:2, Sato, Tetsuyasu:1
1:Kawamura Gakuen Woman's University (Japan), 2:Tokai Gakuin Univesity (Japan)

Our research has investigated the after-school life of students of various ages, both empirically and practically. This study conducts the investigation to undergraduates. Five hundred and forty-seven undergraduate students participated in the questionnaire survey about how they spend after-school time. Exploratory factor analysis revealed six factors: physical exercise, inactive rest, studying hard, extroverted activities, time with one's family, and document editing works. The male students preferred "physical exercise" than the females, and the female students did "time with one's family" than the males. The higher the grades, the more favorable the studying. Social determinants, psychological interpretation, and support strategies for them are discussed.
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