An experimental study on Gestalt perception of serially presented motion picture shots: investigation on the factor of actor's incomplete action in reaction shot which facilitate perceptual grouping of filmic events.

[Speaker] Suzuki, Kiyoshige:1
1:Keio University (Japan)

K. Suzuki & Osada (2002) suggested that uncompleted behavior of the actor in one motion picture shot may strengthen perceptual continuity of serially presented two motion picture shots. They presented motion picture segments captured with several movie works. The serial presentation of the motion picture shots often has an effect on the perceptual organisation of those shots. The movie editing often makes observers perceive the continuous behavior of the actor within incomplete motion picture shots. Purpose of my study was to investigate Gestalt factor of actor's incomplete action in a reaction shot which may facilitate perceptual grouping of filmic events. We made several video clips made of two motion picture shots for our experiment. Independent variable of our experiment was incompleteness and completeness in dummy heads motion presented by those video clips. Dependent variable was the observer' s rating result of perceptual continuity of those motion picture shots.
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