Coworkers Embeddedness Effects: A Multilevel Analysis of the relationship during Work Motives, on-the-Job Embeddedness, and Turnover

[Speaker] Yang, Chun-chi:1
[Co-author] Jehng, Jihn-chang:2, You, Ya-ting:2, Ann, Bao-yi:3
1:Fu Jen University (Taiwan), 2:National Central University (Taiwan), 3:China University of Technology (Taiwan)

Base on the social cognitive theory. The study examined the relationship during employs work motive, on-the-job embeddedness and turnover (intention and behavior). Moreover, we test the mediating role of on-the-job embeddedness and moderating role of coworker's on-the-job embeddedness. 303 samples were collected from 24 department of a big life insurance company in Taiwan. Turnover behaviors were collected after first survey in 6 months and 12months. A Multilevel analysis (HLM) were used in this study. Our findings are as fellow: Firstly, work motive is positively relative to on-the-job embeddedness. Secondly, on-the-job embeddedness is negatively relative to turnover intention while influencing turnover behavior. Third, employee on-the-job embeddedness plays a mediating role between work motives and turnover, while a partly mediating on turnover intention and fully effect on behavior. Finally, coworker on-the-job embeddedness plays a moderated mediation role in the model. The theoretical contribution and practical implication will be discussed in the end.
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