The Effect of cultural differences and cognitive style on the task of absolute or relative judgment.

[Speaker] Nakamura, Narae:1
1:Seinan-Gakuin University (Japan)

This experiment was conducted to investigate the relation between cognitive styles, pressure of time and cultural differences in a judgment task. American and Japanese participants were divided according to cognitive style, and asked to choose the same figure as sample. The sample figures were paired, which were same shape but different size. One of the figures of the sample was marked. The task figures were the same figure as the sample, one was same size, but the other was smaller/bigger than the other of the marked figure. The participants had to choose the same one they thought in a harry. If the participant chose the same size, they judge according to absolute shape, but if not, they do relatively. They also did same task in thinking carefully. The results were discussed on the terms of the tendency of absolute or relative judgment.
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