Changes in classroom atmosphere in a junior high school throughout a year

[Speaker] Esumi, Shuko:1
[Co-author] Shoji, Ichiko:1
1:University of Tsukuba (Japan)

This study examined annual changes in classroom atmosphere in a junior high school that has conducted a peer support project. The participants comprised 257 students, who were asked to complete the Classroom Atmosphere scale (14 items, 5-point scale) thrice: May (Time 1; T1), October 2014 (Time 2; T2), and March 2015 (Time 3; T3). In study 1, we conducted factor analyses for each times to reveal differences in factor structure. Only two factors were extracted in T1 and T2, while the following three factors were extracted in T3: supportive atmosphere (SA), apathetic atmosphere, and bullying atmosphere (BA). In study 2, the two-way repeated measures ANOVA revealed that SA had significant main effects of time and class, and BA had a significant interaction effect. These results showed that a bullying atmosphere was promoted in a few classes, but a supportive atmosphere was promoted in all classes.
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