Motivating action to mitigate climate change in Sweden

[Speaker] Einarsdóttir, Gró:1
[Co-author] Johansson, Lars-olof:1
1:Department of Psychology, University of Gothenburg (Sweden)

Although many have long shouted about the importance of climate change, public priority has dropped. This will likely continue to drop, as news of financial crisis, refugees, and war has lately dominated the media. Communicating the co-benefits of addressing climate change may be a complementary motivational strategy. As a part of a larger international study, we investigated envisioned co-benefits of addressing climate change and pro-environmental intentions in Sweden. We studied co-benefits related to social conditions, community, and values. Some co-benefits were related to pro-environmental intentions. Envisioning more economic and technical development was related to environmental citizenship and personal behavior. Believing in less self-enhancement values was associated with willingness to pay environmental taxes and donating to environmental organizations. This held even after controlling for background variables such as, political ideology, climate change importance and climate skepticism. The results suggest that co-benefits can motivate action where climate change importance is dropping.
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