Preventing consequences when living in a flood zone: Development of an index of adaptive preventive behavior

[Speaker] Valois, Pierre:1
[Co-author] Carrier, Marie-pier:1, Caron, Maxime:1, Renaud, Jean-sébastien:1, Talbot, Denis:1, Gosselin, Pierre:1
1:Laval University (Canada)

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, millions of people are expected to be flooded in the near future due to meteorological extremes or rising seas. The adoption of preventive coping behaviors should significantly reduce the negative consequences of flooding. It appears that no index of adaptive preventive behavior against flooding consequences exists. The aim of this study is to develop and validate such an index. A survey was conducted with a sample of 1056 residents in a flood-prone area. Item and confirmatory factor analyses (CFI=.93) revealed that this newly developed adaptation index summarizes a range of ten preventive behaviors. A regression analysis revealed that income, people's knowledge that they are in a flood-prone area, and perceived risk of flooding in the next five years were associated with this index. Health and public safety authorities could use this index to encourage self-protective behaviors by residents of flood-prone areas.
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