Framework on Life choices by medical students - selection criteria between career and childbirh

[Speaker] Kondo-arita, Megumi:1
[Co-author] Inamoto, Takashi:1
1:Tenri Health Care University (Japan)

Development of reproductive medicine has made it very difficult to make life choices in medical practice, and it is therefore a pressing issue to teach ethics to medical professionals. In this study, medical students' selection criteria toward life were clarified by using cases relating to choice between childbirth and career as part of materials to teach life ethics to medical students. Studies on selection between career and childbirth often discuss selection criteria from the viewpoint of self-realization. It was clarified in this study that those who chose childbirth valued "quality of life" = dignity of child's life, and on the other hand those who chose abortion made the decision from the viewpoint of child's "quality of life" including the point whether or not it is possible to make the child to be born happy economically and emotionally, not from the viewpoint that childbirth and childcare might become obstacles in self-realization.
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