A method of improving the effectiveness of flight simulator training -Application of pilot performance and workload assessment methods-

[Speaker] Aiba, Yuko:1
[Co-author] Arake, Masashi:1, Ogawa, Takaaki:1, Tsuruhara, Aki:1, Hayashi, Shunsuke:1
1:Japan Air Self-Defense Force (Japan)

[Introduction] Flight simulator training has an increased need for flight training. Although it is well known that use of performance and workload assessment methods are beneficial for flight simulator training, there are few cases in both military and civil aviation. We conducted the fundamental study on the application of various assessment methods to flight simulator training.
[Methods] The Pilot's Operational Workload Evaluation and Research System was used for this study. We made the basic instrument flight pattern with skillful pilots. The indices were performance, subjective, electrocardiogram, electroencephalogram data. Dozens of flight students were participated in this study.
[Results/Discussion] Our results showed that all of the indices were useful for assessment of performance and workload during simulated flight. The results of each index may be effective for improving the flight performance. Furthermore, the representative data of proficient pilots will be needed to develop effective feedback materials.
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