Themes of Arguments against Same-Sex Marriage in Taiwan: A Discourse Analysis

[Speaker] Wang, Ta-wei:1
[Co-author] Wu, Yi-hsuan:1, Shih, Huang-yin:1
1:National Pingtung University (Taiwan)

Over 20 countries have legalized same-sex marriage (SSM). Legislators in Taiwan are trying to revise the Civil Law to allow gay, lesbian and bisexual people to marry. Though people's attitudes towards same-sex marriage are positive, there is resistance from religiously conservative groups. The main goal of the study was to analyze themes in discourses of arguments opposing SSM. Data were taken from a recording of a debate held in the Legislative Yuan in 2014. Speeches of opponents of SSM were transcribed and analyzed. Eight themes were identified: (1) pathalogizing homosexuality; (2) attributing SSM for social problems; (3) exaggerating lack of consensus; (4) framing SSM as low public interest; (5) emphasizing lack of law; (6) maximizing discrepancies between same-sex and man/woman marriages; (7) denying gender as subjective experiences; (8) normalizing/rationalizing heterosexism. Through the analysis, rationale behind the resistance can be understood more. Dialogues and research on this topic are much needed.
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