An Empirical Research on the Situation of Mobile Phone Usage in Adolescent and Its Influences upon Their Values

[Speaker] Hui, Qiu-ping:1
[Co-author] He, An-ming:1
1:university (China (People's Republic of China))

To explore the relationship between situation of mobile phone's Usage and values in adolescents, 508 teenagers were selected in the study to fill out portrait values questionnaire, adolescent mobile phone's usage questionnaire, and the methods of descriptive statistics, T test and variance analysis were adopted. The results indicated as follows: (1) With the arrival of mobile phone era, more and more adolescent to join the ranks of mobile phone users, become "mobile phone generation"; (2) adolescents' values be in the middle level, still be in development and perfection; (3) mobile media has positive and negative effects on adolescents' values.
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