Family History of Suicide Behavior and Impulsivity among Chinese Rural Suicides

[Speaker] Lin, Lin:1
[Co-author] Yang, Liu:1, Sibo, Zhao:2, Jie, Zhang:3
1:Tianjin Normal University (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:Central University of Finance and Economics (China (People's Republic of China)), 3:State University of New York Buffalo State (United States of America)

Objectives: As only about 50% of Chinese suicides have mental disorders, non-psychiatric factors such as personality may account for the variance that is not explained by mental problems. We try to explore the relationship between family history of suicide and impulsivity among Chinese rural suicide attempters.

Method: Data of 791 suicide attempters were obtained from the attempters themselves and the age, gender, and location matched 792 community controls, from the three provinces of China. The suicide attempters and controls were interviewed with the same instruments and by the same interview team.

Results: The suicide attempters had higher dysfunctional impulsivity than the controls. However, when suicide attempter and controls who had family history of suicidal behavior were compared, dysfunctional impulsivity did not have significant difference between two groups.

Conclusions: Impulsivity is one major area in suicide research in China. The suicide prevention efforts for rural youths in China should address impulsivity.
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