The development of a shared sheet that connects the education and medical institutions about developmental disabilities

[Speaker] Sunami, Naomi:1
1:Tottori University (Japan)

In Japan, the proportion of children with the characteristics of developmental disabilities in regular classrooms has increased to about 2.3 times compared to 15 years ago. With such a situation, necessity for medical consultation is increasing. But, it is difficult to achieve cooperation and information sharing for education and medical institutions in our country. Therefore, the aim of this study is to develop the shared sheet of information that connects the education and medical institutions that can also be a clue of education and medical cooperation system construction. This sheet, incorporating the opinions of teachers in schools, is being created along with the doctors of the hospitals. Currently, it is a prototype, and reports on the use of prototyping sheet and its development stage. At that time, by post-evaluation of the practitioners and the opinion of doctors and teachers, its effects, the need, and future issues were also examined.
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