Play Therapy and Erikson's Concept of Industry vs. Inferiority: A Case Study Using Positioning Theory

[Speaker] Ayashiro, Hatsuho:1
[Co-author] Hirano, Mari:2
1:University of Fukui (Japan), 2:Tokyo Kasei University (Japan)

For therapists helping school-aged children, considering the concept of industry vs. inferiority proposed by E. H. Erikson is useful. This study aims to examine how play therapy deals with the conflict, using a case study based on positioning theory. The client is a school-aged boy suffering from relationships with friends and learning in school. The findings suggest that the problems made his position inferior in a school discourse, and restricted industry in his personal story, which others may have had difficulty understanding. The therapy allowed him to have industry and find a position in social discourse, in which he was able to share his story with others easier than before. The therapist was able to accomplish this by appreciating the boy's story and simultaneously recognizing the importance of social discourse through playing, thus resolving the developmental conflict.
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