Troubles and tasks of the support for victims received damage of domestic violence (DV): Toward the view to support lives of sufferers in community

[Speaker] Yasuda, Yuko:1
1:Ritsumeikan University (Japan)

Mothers and children who experience DV are plagued with fear and anxiety on a daily basis, and are driven into psychological and social isolation devoid of options. It becomes necessary to provide victims with psychological and social resources in their daily lives that prevent them from becoming isolated and enable them to recover their dignity. But therefore, supporters receive various damages on supporting victims, because of the complete support of victim's lives.
The aim of this research was to clarify kinds of troubles and tasks which private support groups relating to DV have been received, while continuing to put supports into practice.
Participants were 7 private support groups. I interviewed them about difficulties in the course of providing ongoing DV support and solutions to deal with thoes troubles.
I grasped difficulties about finances of organization, collaboration with public bodies (local government and the police), training of successor and mental health.
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