July 25, 2016 14:30 - 16:00

Predictors of Intergenerational Relations in Interdependent Society

[Speaker] Verma, Sunil:1
1:Vivekananda College, University of Delhi (India)

The present study was conducted to identify the pattern of intergenerational relations in interdependent society. In particular, this study examined the patterns of family functioning in interdependent society and its impact on different types of intergenerational relations namely solidarity, ambivalence & conflict. The study was conducted on 720 individuals with different demographic and socioeconomic background. Results of the study revealed that both the generations perceive differences about the consensual, normative and functional process and show negative subjective experiences related to loss of authority, powerlessness, loss of respect and burden. To minimize these differences, they report using problem-focused and emotional focused coping strategies and experienced affection and affiliation in relationships. They report having solidarity and ambivalent type of intergenerational relationship. Results also reveal that these processes and patterns of intergenerational relationship are greatly affected by the demographic variation among participants, which is discussed in detail in the full paper.
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