Influence of degree and stability of over-adaptation on mental health

[Speaker] Asai, Keigo:1
1:Miyagi University (Japan)

Over-adaptive people might seem to be well adopted, even though they tend to suffer psychoneurosis and depression. To date, research on over-adaptation has investigated only the degree of over-adaptation. This study assumed that the degree of over-adaptation changes on a daily basis, because individuals and environments change every day. Based on this assumption, relationships between the degree and stability of over-adaptation, interpersonal stress, and mental health were investigated. Undergraduate and graduate students (N = 58) participated in a one-week diary survey. Results indicated that if interpersonal stress were low, a high degree of over-adaptation was associated with somatic symptoms, whereas if interpersonal stress were high, highly instable over-adaptation was associated with anxiety and insomnia. These results are discussed in relation to characteristics of the degree and stability of over-adaptation.
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