Development of a Simulator-based Driving Test to Assess Drivers' Performance

[Speaker] Shidoji, Kazunori:1
[Co-author] Yoshihara, Toshiki:1, Murakami, Kazunori:1
1:Kyushu Unicersity (Japan)

In many countries with aging populations, traffic accidents caused by elderly drivers are of increasing concern. Most traffic accidents are said to be caused by drivers' errors. Research over the past decades has shown that useful field of view and hazard perception are important factors for safe driving. Although the measurement of a driver's performance on-road is ideal, it entails various difficulties such as safety, time, and cost. We have developed a new driving simulator to measure performance while reducing the aforementioned problems. In this study, we describe the general outline of the simulator and discuss the driver's performance issues based on the data acquired by the simulator.
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