The impact of a multi-dimensional gratitude on psychological well-being above demographics, personality traits, and a single gratitude

[Speaker] Lin, Chih-che:1
1:National Taipei University of Technology (Taiwan)

Studies have shown that gratitude is robustly related to well-being, but it is not clear whether the relationship between gratitude and psychological well-being (PWB) is unique, or due to a third personality variable. This study tests whether a multi-dimensional gratitude explains variance in PWB after controlling for gender, age, religion, personality traits, and a single gratitude. 231 participants completed the GQ, Big Five personality scale, Psychological Well-Being Scale, and Inventory of Gratitude Trait, including subscales measuring thank others, thank God, cherish blessings, appreciate hardship, and cherish the moment. The multi-dimensional gratitude made a significant unique contribution (5% of the variance, p < .001) to PWB beyond the effect of demographic variables, personality traits, and a single gratitude. This is consistent with the theoretical stance that the multi-dimensional gratitude is indeed difference from, even more than personality traits or a single gratitude and is important in its own right for PWB.
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