The effects of nostalgia on mood and perceived social support while drinking "CALPIS"

[Speaker] Kawaguchi, Kyosuke:1
[Co-author] Kotani, Megumi:1, Kusumi, Takashi:2
1:CALPIS Co.,Ltd. (Japan), 2:Kyoto University (Japan)

"CALPIS" is a concentrated lactic acid drink that has been consumed in Japan for almost 100 years. In this study, we instructed 487 participants aged 15-79 to make "CALPIS" by themselves at home. We used a questionnaire to determine their mood before drinking, and their mood, perceived social support, and nostalgic emotions after drinking "CALPIS." Our results indicated an increased positive and relaxed mood in participants who reported feeling nostalgic. Furthermore, perceived social support within their families was strongly observed in participants who felt nostalgic, whereas perceived social support was not observed in participants who did not report feeling nostalgic. Nostalgia led to positive mood, and therefore, perceived social support. In addition, we discuss the differences in those emotions among several generations.
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